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Victoria has been an Associate of Dubai-based Acasus since 2014, when she helped establish a delivery roadmap on immunisation and the availability of basic health services for Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. In 2015 she contributed to Acasus's work on Semáforo Escuela, a similar approach that is already delivering stronger education services across Perú.

We have been working on education policy with ASI since 2013. Past contributions include a new sector plan for Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and a mid-term review of the Government of Rwanda's education strategy. At present we are developing the Taallum Initiative, a programme that supports education directorates to deliver services in schools across Syria.

We first worked with the British Council in 1997, and have been part of the organisation's roster of strategic advisers since 2008. Most recently we developed the acclaimed Next Generation Pakistan research concept now being rolled out in the Middle East and Sub Saharan Africa. Between 2012 and 2015 we contributed a longitudinal evaluation study for the global Connecting Classrooms programme.

David Steven has been associated with CIC since 2009, and is now a Senior Fellow. Priorities for 2016 include a focus on delivery of Agenda 2030, with an emphasis on SDG16 and the role of partnerships. This will include a new research programme in collaboration with the Small Arms Survey.

DFID was River Path's first client in 1997. Our most recent project for the Department was a review of donor-government dialogue in Tanzania, with the aim of strengthening focus on growth and poverty reduction priorities. Over the past four years we have also provided interim management capacity on major programmes in Nigeria and Pakistan, embedded variously in government ministries, DFID and delivery partner teams.

We have been working on the development of this new global partnership since 2014. Significant contributions have included work on the strategy, as well as governance and delivery options. Current priorities include identifying and working with pathfinder countries that will fast track action. The Partnership launched in July 2016.


River Path have worked in more than 50 countries worldwide over the past two decades. Our focus is currently on international development, with an emphasis on working towards supporting better public service delivery, particularly for children. Our recent work includes:

Agenda 2030

Delivering Children's Right to Education 

Reaping the Demographic Dividend 

Ending Violence Against Children



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