River Path is an organisational pathfinder. We challenge perceptions, build evidence for change, and map the future.

We use a range of techniques, including strategic consulting, research, and the development of creative solutions, working for leading organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.


  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Stakeholder audits
  • Opinion former research
  • Focus groups
  • Briefs and think pieces

Strategic Counsel

  • Foresight and horizon scanning
  • Scarcity and resource issues
  • Organisational and programme reviews
  • Strategic challenge

Creative Solutions

  • Innovation and thought leadership
  • Network development
  • Social media
  • Workshops and events
Global Dashboard

From our website on global risks and foreign policy

  1. Fueling a New Order? The New Geopolitical and Security Consequences of Energy
    Paper by David Steven, Bruce Jones and Emily O’Brien that examines impacts of the major transformation in international energy markets that has begun. The United States is poised to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia as the world’s largest oil producer … Continue reading →
  2. IMF: To solve inequality, tax food, books and funerals
    The IMF has attracted plenty of favourable attention from unfamiliar places with two ‘staff papers’ (we’re enjoined to consider them as the personal opinions of the authors, not the IMF itself, an injunction that we all merrily ignore). The first … Continue reading →
  3. The Post-2015 Agenda: 3 thoughts on Latin America, and 1 on the Caribbean
    Late last week, New York University’s Center on International Cooperation published A Laboratory for Sustainable Development? Latin America, the Caribbean and the Post-2015 Development Agenda, a report that I co-authored with my CIC colleague, Alejandra Kubitschek-Bujones. It was commissioned as . […]
  4. A Laboratory for Sustainable Development? Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Post-2015 Development Agenda
    The Latin American and Caribbean region has a unique opportunity to exercise leadership and influence over the post-2015 development debate. The region’s countries have shown a commitment to the Millennium Development Goals by creating new approaches to achieving prosperity and … Continue readin. […]
  5. The CCC puts its thumb on the scale
    Today the UK is debating whether or not to alter a legally enforceable carbon budget for 2023-2027 (Carbon Brief has an excellent explanation of the issues at stake). This will be the fourth budget and is designed to keep the … Continue reading →
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