Reaping the

Demographic Dividend

"We will strive to provide children and youth with a nurturing environment for the full realisation
of their rights and capabilities, helping our countries to reap the demographic dividend."

The 2030 Agenda




Over half of Pakistan's population is under 29


Inflation  is seen as Pakistan's greatest problem


Growing numbers of young adults will be searching for productive and satisfying jobs


77% think they can make Pakistan
a better country

"By 2020, substantially reduce the proportion of youth not in employment,
education or training."

Sustainable Development Goal target 8.6

Pakistan: The Next Generation



“We all need to unite behind a new mission to meet the needs of the next generation. Never again will Pakistan have such a high proportion of young adults in its population. They offer us a substantial dividend, which we cannot afford to leave on the table.”


Published in 2009, the first of our three Next Generation reports focuses on economic potential of Pakistan's baby boom generation.

Next Generation Goes To The Ballot Box



“The report provides an insight into how well young people feel they have fared since the country last went to the polls. We explore what issues are most important to young people and how this will drive their voting behaviour.”


Our second Next Generation Pakistan report was released in the run up to the historic 2013 general election and considered the implications for politics of a young electorate.


Disaggregated data for this report is available here.

Next Generation: Insecure Lives, Untold Stories



“The resilience of Pakistan's people is rooted in their social bonds – addressing the public health aspect of the results of the trauma that has come from both conflict and violence will ensure its continued health. We can no longer afford to ignore the impact that instability and insecurity is having on the next generation, the young people who hold the future of Pakistan in their hands.”


The British Council published our third Next Generation report in 2014. 1,800 stories from young people across Pakistan explain how violence and conflict are constraining and shaping young people's lives.


Disaggregated data for this report is available here. 


Nigeria: The Next Generation Report





“Nigeria stands ready to collect a substantial demographic dividend. If it continues with recent positive economic growth, improves health standards, and harnesses a growing workforce, the average Nigerian's income will be as much as three times higher by 2030 and over 30 million people will be lifted out of poverty.”


We collaborated in 2010 with the British Council and Harvard University to produce this report on the threats and opportunities presented by Nigeria's fast changing demography.