David Steven

portrait-davidDavid Steven founded River Path Associates in 1997 and is now a board director, specialising in international responses to global risks, the development of communications and influencing strategies, and intercultural dialogue.

He is a Senior Non-Resident Fellow at the Center on International Cooperation (CIC) at New York University, where he is currently leading the team working on the MGO Geopolitics of Scarcity project, and is also a nonresident Senior Fellow for the Managing Global Order project in the Foreign Policy program at the The Brookings Institution.

His interests lie in international responses to global risks and patterns of influence within global networks, and fragile states such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Iraq. He has advised UNDP and a number of UN member states on the post-2015 international development agenda, whilst recent work at CIC has included partnerships with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the MacArthur Foundation, the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Forum for the Future, and the Skoll Foundation. He is Director of Research for Pakistan Task Force on the Next Generation, which recently published its second report on young voters and the 2013 election. He is also editor of the foreign policy website, Global Dashboard, and on the advisory board of JLT’s World Risk Review.

David’s publications include a Brookings Institution paper on how the United States should respond to the aftermath of the recession; a paper on how organisations can prosper in what will be a turbulent period for world order, originally for the British Council; a review of multilateral reform and climate change for the Department for International Development; and a think piece on the future of the international system, commissioned by the Prime Minister, and presented to heads of state at the Progressive Governance Summit.

David on: Global Dashboard; Twitter; Facebook.