Jane Frewer

portrait-janeJane joined River Path in 1999 as the Business Manager. She became a board director and company secretary in 2003. Jane controls River Path’s workflow, managing all projects against objectives; ensuring appropriate resources are assigned across projects; liaising with clients, stakeholders, and other contacts; and ensuring the highest standards of financial management.

Over the past 15 years, Jane has been responsible for developing River Path’s reputation for effective and timely delivery. River Path clients recognise her as the core member of the team, bringing high levels of consistency and attention to detail from project to project. She ensures that their requirements are met in full, including in areas such as health and safety, research subject protocol, environmental standards, risk management, and anti-discrimination policies.

On research projects, Jane also leads on data management, collation and classification of written materials, liaison with research subjects, and the organisation of fieldwork overseas. Her aim is to ensure the integrity of the research process at all times, providing quality assurance and audit over and above that offered by the research team.
Jane took River Path through Investors in People in 2000. River Path is one of only 6,000 organisations to hold the IiP standard for ten years or more, showing our commitment to skills.

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