Marlies de Groot

Marlies de Groot is a Research Consultant for River Path, specialising in ethnographic analyses of youth cultures in South Asia.

Her interests lie in the development of the middle class in South Asia, with a particular focus on emic notions of modernity and identity that result out of the changing socio-economic and political dynamics. With a background in anthropology and consumer studies, she has previously researched major consumer-based issues such as weddings and domestic tourism amongst the growing middle class youth in India.

In addition, she has focused on the rise of social media as a research topic, by investigating the role it plays in individual conceptualisations of social capital, as well as looking at social media applications as a research tool for netnography. She has worked on the British Council’s Next Generation project on Pakistani youth, which looks at the demography of the country and the challenges its youth face; as well as the evaluation and data analysis of the British Council’s global schools programme, Connecting Classrooms.