Marlies de Groot

Marlies de Groot has been River Path’s Research Consultant since 2012.

Her focus is on social research and evaluation, with a specialism in designing culturally sensitive methodologies rooted in her academic background in anthropology. Her skills are in literature reviews, design and delivery of qualitative and quantitative survey instruments, and data analysis.

Marlies was Assistant Research Director for the British Council’s ground-breaking Next Generation Pakistan series, which comprised a range of large scale studies focusing on the opinions and priorities of the 18-35 year old demographic in one of the world’s most youthful populations. The model established by Marlies and colleagues on the programme is now being replicated and rolled out by the organisation in other regions, including the Gulf States and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Publications included Next Generation Goes to the Ballot Box produced at the time of the first handover from one democratic government to the next in Pakistan’s history. The 2014 follow up, Next Generation: Insecure Lives, Untold Stories, focused on the high levels of violence experienced by many young Pakistanis, and its impact on their lives.

More recently, Marlies has continued to pursue her focus on tackling violence against young people with an ongoing involvement in supporting development of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. She is currently responsible for the portfolio of research and consultations informing the evolving design of this significant new initiative that will help drive implementation of SDG 16.2 by 2030.