Jane Frewer River Path Associates

Jane Frewer joined River Path as its business manager in 1999. She has been a director and company secretary since 2002. 


Jane has over 25 years’ experience in client and project management and in administration and financial management. She controls the River Path team’s workflow, ensuring all projects deliver against their objectives in good time, and on budget. She has particularly strong experience of co-ordinating the inputs and priorities of teams working in multiple locations.


Over the last 19 years Jane has worked directly with many clients who recognise her as a core member of the team, critical to River Path’s long held reputation for high quality work that is consistent, featuring strong attention to detail and excellent production values. Jane’s contribution in the area of administration is also essential to freeing up consultant time to focus on delivery.


Jane currently assists the River Path team working on the Center on International Cooperation’s Peaceful, Just and Inclusive Societies program, where she provides logistical, research, budgeting, organisational and administrational skills. During 2015 - 2016, she helped co-ordinate and support the work of the transition team and secretariat of the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children. Here, she supported regular meetings with this team, bringing together the work of contributors based in New York, Dubai and the UK, as well as multiple locations in the field.


While her primary focus is on business processes and quality assurance, Jane is also an experienced researcher. In this area, she concentrates on supporting the River Path consultancy team, including through the organisation of international fieldwork and collation and classification of materials, but also through datamining secondary sources for relevant information.